Trolling motor can be explained as electronic equipment which includes the propeller, controller, an electric motor. It comes fixed on an angler’s boat either on a bow or on a stem. A gasoline powered outboard is basically utilized more or less often used. And if by chance, in any case, it’s not in the primary vessel propulsion source it may be still called a trolling motor. Most generally best trolling motors batteries are lifted from the water to bring about a decrease or fall in the operation or functioning of a boat when its main engine is working. And if you are looking for a deep cycle trolling motor battery you can visit our next post.

Applications of Trolling Motors battery

So let’s have a look at what this electronic equipment can be used for? Any wild guesses? Ok, I’ll help you out.

  • Trolling motor is used for freshwater fishing.
  • It’s applicable for being used for quietly moving on the water which is attached to the bow or stern on a boat.
  • Trolling for game fishing.
  • The auxiliary power of trolling battery is used for moving the boat very carefully to let the angler may rest the bait just exactly where the fishes are at the present moment.
  • Such type of trolling motors is usually adjusted on the bow.

History of Trolling Motor battery

Trolling motor battery was invented by O.G Schmidt in the year 1934 in Frago, North Dakota. He did this by taking a motor from a Ford model later added a flexible shaft and a propeller to this equipment. And this is because Schmidt’s manufacturing unit was near Minnesota, North Dakota Border Mr. Schmidt named the company as Minn Kota and the company today is a giant in manufacturing trolling motors today.

The power source used by Trolling Motors battery

There are basically 2 types of trolling motors

  1. Electric Trolling Motors: The electric trolling motor battery that works on an electric form of energy or in other terms also known as trolling motor battery.
  2. Gasoline Trolling Motors: Trolling motors that run of gas.

Electric Trolling motor battery: The electric trolling motor battery is powered with an electric battery or with a trolling motor battery and these motors are well of course designed for small boats for the sake of trolling hence it can work in almost any situation and on any type of boat. The controls are placed at the bottom so it can be controlled with the speed either for cruising or slowing down the motor.

Gasoline trolling motor: The gasoline trolling motors are powered by Gas and a small outboard motor are more often utilized as trolling motor on boats with huge engines that don’t get along quite well with trolling speeds. These motors were architectured with a manual pull start technique, its throttle and gearshift system are placed on the motor body.

What type of battery is used for trolling motor battery?

Generally speaking, as a matter of fact, there are in total of two types of 12 Volt trolling motor battery.

  1. Cranking or starting batteries which are architecture to start the main engine.
  2.  A deep cycle battery which is utilized to power up the electrical accessories such as fish finder, trolling motor and radios.

The Duration of Best trolling motor battery?

When talking about trolling motor batteries or its online purchase you need to pay attention to the selling as well as the power consumption and efficiency rating. As greater the rating, the greater will be the power holding capacity of the trolling motor will be. And also the capacity or the life of the battery, in the long run, will be. For instance, the 100 amp is able to supply 25 amps of power for 4 long continuous hours before it runs out of entire juice it’s having.

Guessing how a best Trolling Motor functions?

A trolling motor or an electric trolling motor battery runs on battery power in order to make the proper move or run or in other words to propel a motor fan to make the boat run. The total amount of power required to move a boat which is also termed as a power of thrust (P.O.T) and with enough power to run but this can’t help you to get through windy, weedy conditions and high waves.

Reasons for early failure $

malfunctioning of trolling motor batteries

  • Undercharging
  • Loss of electrolyte due to heat or charging more than required (overcharging)
  • While in storage, the sulfation of lead
  • Extremely hot temperature or Freezing temperature
  • Excess vibration due to any reason
  • Positive plate shedding due to old age

Maintaining your battery

  • Being careful while you have kept your battery on charge because you don’t want it to get overcharged and malfunction. Speaking of overcharging, over the years it has been analyzed from all over the world that it is one of the topmost reason for troll motor batteries
  • Whenever purchased a new battery always keep in mind that to use it not fully while discharging it to 0%. Always keep a goal to use it up to 75% when it’s a new battery.
  • After every short interval of a specific period let’s say every 10-15 days to see whether it is fully intact or any signs of leaking acid, damages etc
  • The concentration of an acidic substance can be measured using a hydrometer.
  • Also, take a close look to see whether the battery’s acid water does not start overflowing.
  • And one more thing to add is to keep a sharp eye on not letting the battery acid level reduced as it gives rise to major accidents
  • The troll motor battery demands thorough and serious maintenance.

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