Without marine battery boat is of no use. First you have to look that you need a cranking or deep cycle battery to power up your boat. Marine Batteries are used to power up the engine of the boat in no time. Good marine battery is that which fulfill both condition as well as it works as deep cycle battery and starting battery as well.

Before choosing marine battery you have to focus on which battery is good for you?

Starting battery

Used to power up the in board and outboard trolling motors.

These battery gives large amount of cold cranking ampere hours to start up engine of the boat.

They are only designed to start up the engine if you want boat to operate you need to have another deep cycle battery to power up any trolling motor.

Dual purpose battery

Dual purpose batteries are used for small boat and small rooms where you have less space or weight restrictions.

Used for both small trolling motors as well as homes.

These battery does’nt discharge completely.

Deep cycle battery

Deep cycle battery are best marine batteries as they are deeply discharged batteries.

Deep cycle batteries have thousand of discharge cycles while starting battery is not designed to be  completely discharge.

It provide constant current to the battery over long period of time.

Best marine battery Reviews & Guide (2019)

1.Odessy marine 34M-PC1500ST dual purpose battery

This battery has a maximum capacity of working as cranking power and deep cycle battery. This battery is idely used for trolling, starting and provide maximum power to the various on board electronics accessiories. It has a maximum capacity of holding 400 cycles at 80% depth charge. It can work better in cold weather as it provide constant current upto 20 hours as to deliver 5 amp current per hour. Most boatrs  wants a marine battery that works well as to provide maximum starting power to the battery as well as works as deeply discharge the battery in no time.


It recharge takes only 5 to 6 hours.

It uses the AGM technology so you don’t have to worry as agm battery are shock and vibration resistant..

Using two different batteries at same time starting and deep cycle cost more so it’s a better option.

It doesn’t require any maintaince as it uses agm technoly.

2. Optima battery 8014045 D34/78 Yellow top Dual purpose marine battery

This is one of the best 12 volt battery which is used for dual purpose. this battery has a current flow of 12 volts with cold cranking ampere of 750.Optima battery also works great in bad weather.Battery dimensions are 10 x 6.9 x 7.8 inches and weights about 47 pounds.


Reserve capacity of 100 minutes during consistently used.

Dual SAE and GM terminals used.

This battery works in bad weather.

3.Vmax XTR31-135 AGM Marine battery

Those who want a perfect deep cycle battery that is a good option. It has a good lifespan upto 10 to 12 years because of the superior plates used in it. It belongs to the group 31 battery with the measurement of 13 x 6.8 x 8.4 and weighs about 77 pounds with ampere power of 135 amh.It provide current of 12 volts.


Maintaince free battery

Shock and vibration resistant.

High performance because of the use of agm technology.

4.Mighty max battery ML-35 12 V Deep cycle AGM Solar battery

This is a maintaince free battery. This battery is sealed lead acid rechargeable battery with high discharge rate and works in ant temperature.This battery belongs to 31 group with dimension of 7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 and weighs around 23.15 lbs with the ampere power of 35 ampere it provide current of 12 Volts.


Maintaince free battery used in many devices

Shock and vibration resistant.

Sla and AGM technology battery which infact used in many applications which includes Toys, boats, electric vehicles, Solar applications and much more.