Lr44 battery is a 1.5 v small battery cells which are used in the hand watches, computer motherboard, consumer and hearing industries, Led lights, remotes and game controllers, gadgets. The equivalent of Lr44 battery is lr44, A13, Lr1154, 357, 303, Sr44.

What is the use of Lr44 battery?

The main confusion among these batteries are cleared as we know that each battery has different nature.

The nature of the battery is justified in the form of-:


Silver oxide

Mercury oxide

Zinc air

1.Alkaline – The battery is of 110-130 mAh with the voltage of 1.5 v.

Drawback – This battery is good but its voltage drops down when used regularly.

Labels – Lr44, Lr1154

Used in devices – Cd player, digital camera, toys, radios etc.

2.Silver oxide – This battery consists of 150 to 200 mAh with the voltage of 1.55 v.

Drawback – No drawback

Pros – It provide constant voltage to devices.

Labels – Sr44, Sr44w.

Used in devices – It is used for the low power devices like instruments, electronic watches etc.

3.Zinc air- These battery cells is of 600 to 700 mAh with the current flow of 1.4 v.

Drawback – Its voltage is slightly low as compared to silver and alkaline but despite of that it has a large capacity power.

Labels – PR44

Used in devices – Speceficlly used for Hearing aid devices.

4.Mercury oxide – This battery has a ampere power of 200 mAh with the voltage of 1.35 v.

Drawbacks – Because of the low voltage and the present of mercury they are not used more.

Labels – MR44, MR1154.

Used in devices – Not used in devices anymore.

What are the lr44 battery equivalent?

Main Lr44 battery equivalents are-:

Lr44, A13, Lr1154, 357, 303, Sr44 these batteries are used as the equivalents of Lr44 battery.

As Lr44 is alkaline battery and major replacement of alkaline battery is silver oxide battery.

Silver oxide is a primary cell battery and are mainly used in watches and medical instrument.

The equivalent of sr44 battery are  Sr44, Sr44W, 357, 303, SB-B9 etc.

Alkaline Lr44 battery vs silver oxide Sr44 battery  

Alkaline battery have lesser voltage about 1.5 v as compared to silver oxide sr44 as it has 1.55 v.

Alkaline voltage drops over time but the silver oxide battery provide constant current.

Battery capacity of alkaline lr44 battery is about 110 mAh which is less as compared to silver oxide battery as it have battery capacity of 165 to 170 mAh.

Alkaline battery are much cheaper than the silver oxide battery.

Life of the silver oxide battery is more than the alkaline batteries.

Now I think you want to know that which battery is good for you, lr44 or Sr44 battery?

As the requirement you have to choose that which is the better option for you.

If you want to use in toys you have to choose alkaline battery as they are cheaper as compared to silver oxide battery.

Or if you want to use for the electronic devices you need to choose silver oxide battery because it provides the constant voltage all the time without any drop up voltage as we know alkaline battery operate at low voltage of 1.4 v and they drops the voltage quickly.


Lr44 battery are good and cheap but if you want a constant voltage you can use the sr44 battery. As lr44 battery drops the voltage certainly you don’t want that your wrist watch should be stopped in between.