A Dual purpose marine battery is usually those kind of batteries which are best to install. It is usually very useful for you when you have a smaller boat and you have a very small room to install a particular battery either due to space problem of course and the weight restrictions that comes along uninvited with some trolling boats, then going for a dual marine battery would be an ideal option for you which basically is architecture for handling start and cycling of a trolling boat.

That is the best dual purpose battery for trolling motor 

dual purpose marine battery

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How does a dual purpose marine battery work? 

Now as we have seen in the above details of a deep cycle marine battery functioning, let us have a quick look on how does the dual purpose battery gets the show on the road. Basically, as the name states it is a dual purpose battery, this battery performs the work of two batteries. A typical deep cycle battery is endured to handle prolonged use consuming lower amps or power, but does not cater to the need of providing higher cranking amps for starting a motor. A dual battery acts as a helping hand when the need of two separate batteries or facing an issue of miss used battery arises. This is where a dual purpose battery takes over. While starting the equipment the battery consumes a far less amount of energy as compared to a deep cycle battery.

Marine batteries Dual Purpose Amp Hours 

A battery’s capacity is measured in Amp Hours (AH) as well as Reserve Minutes (RM). Amp hours on an dual purpose battery is nothing but the total amount of power that battery can deliver for the specified hours based on the specific amount of discharge rate. Before the Voltage drops to 10.5, once the volt has reached 10.5 it will consume more energy at a more higher rate. Which is a major or senior most drawback of using a dual purpose battery over a marine battery. So as a battery’s reputation is counted or measured with the ratings you need to pay attention on the manufacturer’s product ratings with the other brands rating so that you could get the most out of it as you paid for it to work so it should able to deliver a performance if not up to the mark but at least to a satisfactory level on the grounds of either quality or the withstanding capacity of the battery which is measured in AH. A best dual purpose marine battery can serve better than those of the regular dual purpose battery.

Where these Dual Purpose Batteries are used? 

With a number of rules and restrictions, there could be exceptions too, these dual purpose batteries could be used for the cranking as well as best trolling motor battery purpose too. Any ways these dual purpose batteries may not be the most appropriate option while thinking of using it on most of the boats. Which means that there would one less battery to purchase as well as maintain, like most of the times we see 2 in 1 option, there we always face the problem of despite it being a dual purpose you can’t use it to the fullest availing all the benefits of using two separate batteries. A dual purpose battery therefore somewhere loses its grip when compared to a deep cycle marine battery. Many of these batteries can’t even withstand full drainage or discharge. A  Whereas these batteries also has the issue of overheating in tough conditions which is not good at all when you are far away from land. Despite of these things the dual purpose batteries can be suitable for short trips if used and maintained well.

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